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Community Connect
The primary function of Community Connect is to provide a unique forum in which to exchange personal experiences and knowledge regarding all things health. It is our hope that through authentic experiences this community can provide direction and support for those who are searching for help in their own health journey. Core Naturopathic provides this […]
Core Community Connect – Additional speaker Matt Webster
We have a late addition to our speakers for tonight. Matt Webster had the world at his feet two years ago – an outstanding career, international work & healthier than most mid twenty males. Then that world dropped from beneath his feet with a diagnosis of an extremely rare tumor. Over the coming months & […]
Community Connect – Introducing Rick Hughes
Introducing our first speaker at our Community Connect Event on Monday 17th October: Rick Hughes Rick is the owner of Energise Fitness & Energy Specialists; a business built by helping people achieve their health goals through exercise and nutrition. He is a former government operative within Special Operations, Counter Terrorism and after 10 years of […]
Community Connect – Last days to register
Community Connect # 1 is only 9 days away! If you haven’t already done so, call 1300 855 008 to register your free seat at the very first Community Connect event for Holistic health this October 17th at the Corrimal Community Centre. Seating is limited so register asap to secure your place at this very […]
Community Connect – Whats Going to Happen?
We are planning a series of health talks and cordially invite you to participate in the very first special event this October 17th at Corrimal Community Centre. Community Connect #1 will focus on hearing stories of health and recovery, local businesses that focus on health, a Q&A discussion panel and a time to meet, greet, […]
Community Connect – Who can Participate?
(If you haven’t heard about our Community Connect event – please check out our previous blogs: Community Connect). So who can participate in our Community Connect events? We want to bring together a community that is focused on health. So if you are someone who: wants to help others through your won experiences feels isolated […]
So Why Create Community Connect?
As a practitioner I am privileged to sit in a private room and hear stories of survival, tenacity, struggle, heroism and adventure. All these stories have health in common and they are told to me in confidence. I am educated every day by people’s spirit and intellect. And these experiences allow me to guide other […]
Community Connect – Local Business Feature
We recently advertised for our first Community Connect Event in the local Illawarra Mercury – Mind Body and Soul Local Business Feature This is a copy of the online feature – 22/09/2016. Mind Body and Soul: Event will focus on health Connecting the community: Core Naturopathics is organising a ‘Community Connect’ event on Monday, October 17, […]
Win 6 Hyperbaric Chamber sessions
Want to gain insight and motivation on how to maintain optimum long term health , AND win a few freebies along the way? Now is your chance. You are invited to the very first Community Connect event hosted by Core Naturopathics. Monday 10th October is the final day to register to go into the draw […]
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